Green IT

Do more with less

You can't buy Green IT. It involves planning, policies, and technologies that minimise carbon footprints while maximising energy efficiency.

PWP knows that your company’s success depends heavily on making the most out of your resources, whether it’s PCs, servers, network gear, power supplies, or human resources. A Green IT assessment identifies where you can improve efficiency and services, decrease waste and costs, and increase the bottom line — all while being environmentally responsible. Our clients consistently save on their energy bills while improving IT services, increasing efficiency, and gaining peace of mind.
Our Green IT assessment covers:
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Taj Hotel Group
Taj Hotel GroupDirector of Security
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PWP's knowledge and expertise helped save us time and money. Thanks to them, we were able to maximize our resources to reach our IT and Security goals. Highly recommend them.
Luna Park Amusement
Luna Park AmusementChief Technology Officer
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PWP helped us design and build a state of the art network for our mobile kiosks, streaming video, CCTV, IP Telephony and pay technologies in time for our opening. We hope to include them in our future projects.
Rockefeller Group
Rockefeller GroupDirector of Technology
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PWP did not overlook a single detail, never took a "this is not part of my job" approach and went above and beyond to make sure the job was done right.